Welcome to Pornbits!

Hello! Just want to let you know what we're here for. We are here to provide you the best place to share your adult content so others may download it.

This is a private tracker, and you have to register before you can get full access to the site. Before you do anything here at Pornbits we suggest you read the rules! There are only a few rules to abide by, but we do enforce them!



Site Information

What is this Bit-torrent all about anyway? How do I get the files?

Check out Our Basic guide to Torrenting.


Where does all the donated money go?

All donations will be used to enhance the site, and also for operational costs.


User Information

I registered an account but did not receive the confirmation e-mail!

Please contact an Admin in our IRC channel to get your account activated manually. The official IRC channel is #pornbits on the P2P IRC Network (irc.p2p-network.net).


I've lost my username or password. Can you send it to me?

Please use this form to have the login details mailed back to you.

If that fails, please contact an Admin in our IRC channel. The official IRC channel is #pornbits on the P2P IRC Network (irc.p2p-network.net).


Can you rename my account?

We do not rename accounts, we also do not transfer data from one account to another.


Can you delete my account?

We cannot delete your account, upon request we will disable your account and set an IP ban.


So, what's my ratio?

Your ratio is: 1,000.00

It's important to distinguish between your overall ratio and the individual ratio on each torrent you may be seeding or leeching. The overall ratio takes into account the total uploaded and downloaded from your account since you joined the site. The individual ratio takes into account those values for each torrent since you started your client and or you started the individual torrent.

You may see two symbols instead of a number: "Inf.", which is just an abbreviation for Infinity, and means that you have downloaded 0 bytes while uploading a non-zero amount (ul/dl becomes infinity); "---", which should be read as "non-available", and shows up when you have both downloaded and uploaded 0 bytes (ul/dl = 0/0 which is an indeterminate amount).


Why is my IP displayed on my details page?

Only you and the site staff can view your IP address and email. Regular users do not see that information.


Help! I cannot login!

This problem sometimes occurs with MSIE. Close all Internet Explorer windows and open Internet Options in the control panel. Click the Delete Cookies button. You should now be able to login.


My IP address is dynamic. How do I stay logged in?

You do not have to anymore. All you have to do is make sure you are logged in with your actual IP when starting a torrent session. After that, even if the IP changes mid-session, the seeding or leeching will continue and the statistics will update without any problem.


My account is IP locked. What does that mean? How do I fix it?

IP locking occurs when somebody logs into your account under a different IP/Country/ISP (depending on your settings).

While your account is IP locked you will not be able to edit your profile, or download any torrents until you verify that you are the owner of the account.

We have different options you can enable in your profile for this extra added security feature.

IP match   If your IP changes to something very different, it locks.
geo IP   If your account is accessed outside your country, it locks.
host   If your account is accessed by another ISP, it locks.
disabled   Disables IP locking altogether. (not suggested)


Why am I listed as not connectable, and why should I care?

The tracker has determined that you are firewalled or NATed and cannot accept incoming connections.

This means that other peers in the swarm will be unable to connect to you, only you to them. Even worse, if two peers are both in this state they will not be able to connect at all. This has obviously a detrimental effect on the overall speed.

The way to solve the problem involves opening the ports used for incoming connections (the same range you defined in your client) on the firewall and/or configuring your NAT server to use a basic form of NAT for that range instead of NAPT (the actual process differs widely between different router models. Check your router documentation and/or support forum. You will also find lots of information on the subject at PortForward.

For more information, see Why is being firewalled bad?


What are the different user classes?

User   The default class of new members.
Power user   Power User Class, Regular user class upon reaching requirements.
Elite User   Elite User Class, Regular user class upon reaching requirements.
Star   Has donated money to Pornbits.org .
Other   Customised title.
Uploader   Assigned User class, has the right to upload official PB uploads.
Moderator   See staff


How does this promotion thing work, anyway?

User   Must have Downloaded 5.0GB and have uploaded at least 10GB and have a ratio at or above 1.0.
Note: You will be automatically demoted from this status if your ratio drops below 0.95 at any time.
Power user   Must have downloaded at least 5.0GB and have uploaded at least 100GB and have a ratio at or above 1.0.
Note: You will be automatically demoted from this status if your ratio drops below 0.95 at any time.
Elite User   Must have downloaded atleast 5.0GB and have uploaded at least 250GB and have a ratio at or above 1.10.
Note: You will be automatically demoted from this status if your ratio drops below 1.0 at any time.
Star   Just donate, and the system will take care of the rest, instantly! If it doesn't credit you after a few minutes, Message a SysOP.
Uploader   Appointed by Admins/SysOp
Moderator   You don't ask us, we'll ask you!


Hey, I have reached the requirements for a higher rank, but was not promoted.

The promotion system does not work instantly, instead it will do promotions once every 12 hours, give it some time.


Why can't my friend become a member?

The site is invite only. This means that new users can only become a member if they get invited. Invites will be given about by Moderators and Admins on there discretion. Do not ask for invites, as your request will be declined automatically.


How do I add an avatar to my profile?

First, find an image that you like, and that is within the rules. You can upload your avatar at your profile, or use your own hosted picture by copying the url into your profile page.

Please do not make a post just to test your avatar. If everything is alright you'll see it in your details page.


What are these trophies all about?

Trophies are earned by a variety of different actions on the site. They do not affect your ability to use the site in any way and are just for fun.

Icon How to obtain
Upload 250GB
Upload 1TB
Upload 5TB
Upload 20TB
Haven't been active on the site for a month
Tag a torrent
Tag 100 torrents
Tag 1,000 torrents
Upload a torrent
Upload 100 torrents



Most common reasons for stats not updating


Best practices


May I use any Bit-torrent client?

Yes. The tracker now updates the stats correctly for all bittorrent clients. However, we still recommend that you avoid the following clients:

There are several problems when you use these clients. We do not allow or support any of these clients. Also, clients in alpha or beta version should be avoided.

We recommend the following clients:

Make sure you use the latest stable version, older versions can get you in trouble. (i.e. cheating suspicions)


Why is a torrent I'm seeding/leeching listed several times in my profile?

If for some reason (e.g. pc crash, or frozen client) your client exits improperly and you restart it, it will have a new peer_id, so it will show as a new torrent. The old one will never receive a "event=completed" or "event=stopped" and will be listed until some tracker timeout. Just ignore it, it will eventually go away.


I've finished or cancelled a torrent. Why is it still listed in my profile?

Some clients, notably TorrentStorm and Nova Torrent, do not report properly to the tracker when canceling or finishing a torrent. In that case the tracker will keep waiting for some message - and thus listing the torrent as seeding or leeching - until some timeout occurs. Just ignore it, it will eventually go away.


Why do I sometimes see torrents I'm not leeching in my profile?

When a torrent is first started, the tracker uses the IP to identify the user. Therefore the torrent will become associated with the user who last accessed the site from that IP. If you share your IP in some way (you are behind NAT/ICS, or using a proxy), and some of the persons you share it with are also users, you may occasionally see their torrents listed in your profile. (If they start a torrent session from that IP and you were the last one to visit the site the torrent will be associated with you). Note that now torrents listed in your profile will always count towards your total stats.

To make sure your torrents show up in your profile you should visit the site immediately before starting a session.

(The only way to completely stop foreign torrents from showing in profiles is to forbid users without an individual IP from accessing the site. Yes, that means you. Complain at your own risk.)


Multiple IPs (Can I log in from a different computer?)

Yes, the tracker is now capable of following sessions from different IPs for the same user. A torrent is associated with the user when it starts, and only at that moment is the IP relevant. So if you want to seed/leech from computer A and computer B with the same account you should access the site from computer A, start the torrent there, and then repeat both steps from computer B (not limited to two computers or to a single torrent on each, this is just the simplest example). You do not need to login again when closing the torrent. We now have IP locking in place, for account security, you can (if you access from multiple IPs disable it in account.


How does NAT/ICS change the picture?

This is a very particular case in that all computers in the LAN will appear to the outside world as having the same IP. We must distinguish between two cases:

  1. You are the single Pornbits user in the LAN

    You should use the same Pornbits account in all the computers.

    Note also that in the ICS case it is preferable to run the BT client on the ICS gateway. Clients running on the other computers will be unconnectable (they will be listed as such, as explained elsewhere in the FAQ) unless you specify the appropriate services in your ICS configuration (a good explanation of how to do this for Windows XP can be found here . In the NAT case you should configure different ranges for clients on different computers and create appropriate NAT rules in the router. (Details vary widely from router to router and are outside the scope of this FAQ. Check your router documentation and/or support forum.)

  2. There are multiple Pornbits users in the LAN

    At present there is no way of making this setup always work properly with Pornbits. Each torrent will be associated with the user who last accessed the site from within the LAN before the torrent was started. Unless there is cooperation between the users mixing of statistics is possible. (User A accesses the site, downloads a .torrent file, but does not start the torrent immediately. Meanwhile, user B accesses the site. User A then starts the torrent. The torrent will count towards user B's statistics, not user A's.)

    It is your LAN, the responsibility is yours. Do not ask us to ban other users with the same IP, we will not do that. (Why should we ban him instead of you?)


For those of you who are interested - Anatomy of a torrent session

Some info about the "Anatomy of a torrent session".



Why Can't I upload torrents?

Only specially authorized users (Uploaders) have permission to upload PB torrents.
Normal users are now allowed to upload there torrents into the regular uploads.


What criteria must I meet before I can join the Uploader team?

If you think you can match these criteria do not hesitate to contact one of the administrators. Remember! Write your application carefully! Be sure to include your UL speed and what kind of stuff you're planning to upload. Only well written letters with serious intent will be considered.


Can I upload your torrents to other trackers?

No. We are a closed, limited-membership community. Only registered users can use the PB tracker. Posting our torrents on other trackers is useless, since most people who attempt to download them will be unable to connect with us. This generates a lot of frustration and bad-will against us at Pornbits, and will therefore not be tolerated.

Complaints from other sites' administrative staff about our torrents being posted on their sites will result in the banning of the users responsible.

(However, the files you download from us are yours to do as you please. You can always create a new torrent, pointing to some other tracker, and upload it to the site of your choice, though show some respect and credit the original uploader)



How do I use the files I've downloaded?

Check out this guide.


Why did an active torrent suddently disappear?

There may be three reasons for this:

  1. The torrent may have been violating site rules
  2. The uploader may have deleted it because it was a bad release. A replacement will probably be uploaded to take its place.
  3. The upload was removed by a staff member.


My client says "slot limit exceeded." What does this mean?

This means you have a low ratio so your up- and downloads will be automatically limited to prevent you from downloading to much at once.

if ratio < 0.25 & Upload Gb < 1Slots = 2
if ratio < 0.50 & Upload Gb < 4Slots = 3
if ratio < 0.65 & Upload Gb < 6Slots = 4
if ratio < 0.80 & Upload Gb < 10Slots = 5
if ratio < 0.90 Slots = 10

Remember, you need to meet both condition to get your slot limit lifted. For example, you have downloaded 3.0 Gb and uploaded 1.0 Gb wich would result in a ratio of 0.333 you will have 2 slots available.


How do I resume a broken download or reseed something?

Open the .torrent file. When your client asks you for a location, choose the location of the existing file(s) and it will resume/reseed the torrent.


Why do my downloads sometimes stall at 99%?

The more pieces you have, the harder it becomes to find peers who have pieces you are missing. That is why downloads sometimes slow down or even stall when there are just a few percent remaining. Just be patient and you will, sooner or later, get the remaining pieces.


What are these "a piece has failed a hash check" messages?

Bittorrent clients check the data they receive for integrity. When a piece fails this check it is automatically re-downloaded. Occasional hash fails are a common occurrence, and you shouldn't worry.

Some clients have an (advanced) option/preference to 'kick/ban clients that send you bad data' or similar. It should be turned on, since it makes sure that if a peer repeatedly sends you pieces that fail the hash check it will be ignored in the future.


The torrent is supposed to be 100MB. How come I have downloaded 120MB?

See the hash fails topic. If your client receives bad data it will have to redownload it, therefore the total downloaded may be larger than the torrent size. Make sure the "kick/ban" option is turned on to minimize the extra downloads.


Why do I get a "Not authorized (xx h) - READ THE FAQ!" error?

From the time that each new torrent is uploaded to the tracker, there is a period of time that some users must wait before they can download it. This delay in downloading will only affect users with a low ratio, and users with low upload amounts. The basic rule is, the lower the ratio the longer the wait time.


Why do I get a "rejected by tracker - Port xxxx is blacklisted" error?

Your client is reporting to the tracker that it uses one of the default bittorrent ports (6881-6889) or any other common p2p port for incoming connections.

Pornbits does not allow clients to use ports commonly associated with p2p protocols. The reason for this is that it is a common practice for ISPs to throttle those ports (that is, limit the bandwidth, hence the speed).

The blocked ports list include, but is not neccessarily limited to, the following:

Direct Connect
411 - 413
6346 - 6347
6881 - 6889

In order to use use our tracker you must configure your client to use any port range that does not contain those ports (a range within the region 49152 through 65535 is preferable, cf. IANA . Notice that some clients, like Azureus or higher, use a single port for all torrents, while most others use one port per open torrent. The size of the range you choose should take this into account (typically less than 10 ports wide. There is no benefit whatsoever in choosing a wide range, and there are possible security implications).

These ports are used for connections between peers, not client to tracker. Therefore this change will not interfere with your ability to use other trackers (in fact it should increase your speed with torrents from any tracker, not just ours). Your client will also still be able to connect to peers that are using the standard ports. If your client does not allow custom ports to be used, you will have to switch to one that does.

Do not ask us, or in the forums, which ports you should choose. The more random the choice is the harder it will be for ISPs to catch on to us and start limiting speeds on the ports we use. If we simply define another range ISPs will start throttling that range also.

Finally, remember to forward the chosen ports in your router and/or open them in your firewall, should you have them. See the Why am I listed as not connectable?  section and links therein for more information on this.


What's this "IOError - [Errno13] Permission denied" error?

If you just want to fix it reboot your computer, it should solve the problem. Otherwise read on.

IOError means Input-Output Error, and that is a file system error, not a tracker one. It shows up when your client is for some reason unable to open the partially downloaded torrent files. The most common cause is two instances of the client to be running simultaneously:


What's this "TTL" in the browse page?

The torrent's Time To Live, in hours. It means the torrent will be deleted from the tracker after that many hours have elapsed (yes, even if it is still active). Note that this a maximum value, the torrent may be deleted at any time if it's inactive.


How can I improve my download speed?

How can I improve my download speed?

The download speed mostly depends on the seeder-to-leecher ratio (SLR). Poor download speed is mainly a problem with new and very popular torrents where the SLR is low.

(Proselytising sidenote: make sure you remember that you did not enjoy the low speed. Seed so that others will not endure the same.)

There are a couple of things that you can try on your end to improve your speed:


Why is my browsing so slow while leeching?

Your download speed is always finite. If you are a peer in a fast torrent it will almost certainly saturate your download bandwidth, and your browsing will suffer. You should limit your upload and download speed to achieve decent results. Feel free to experiment.

Browsing was used just as an example, the same would apply to gaming, IMing, etc...


My ISP uses a transparent proxy. What should I do?

Caveat: This is a large and complex topic. It is not possible to cover all variations here.

Short reply: change to an ISP that does not force a proxy upon you. If you cannot or do not want to then read on.

What is a proxy?

Basically a middleman. When you are browsing a site through a proxy your requests are sent to the proxy and the proxy forwards them to the site instead of you connecting directly to the site. There are several classifications (the terminology is far from standard):

 Transparent   A transparent proxy is one that needs no configuration on the clients. It works by automatically redirecting all port 80 traffic to the proxy. (Sometimes used as synonymous for non-anonymous.)
 Explicit/Voluntary   Clients must configure their browsers to use them.
 Anonymous   The proxy sends no client identification to the server. (HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR header is not sent; the server does not see your IP.)
 Highly Anonymous   The proxy sends no client nor proxy identification to the server. (HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR, HTTP_VIA and HTTP_PROXY_CONNECTION headers are not sent; the server doesn't see your IP and doesn't even know you're using a proxy.)
 Public   (Self explanatory)

A transparent proxy may or may not be anonymous, and there are several levels of anonymity.


How do I find out if I'm behind a (transparent/anonymous) proxy?

Try ProxyJudge. It lists the HTTP headers that the server where it is running received from you. The relevant ones are HTTP_CLIENT_IP, HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR and REMOTE_ADDR.


Why am I listed as not connectable even though I'm not NAT/Firewalled?

The Pornbits tracker is quite smart at finding your real IP, but it does need the proxy to send the HTTP header HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR. If your ISP's proxy does not then what happens is that the tracker will interpret the proxy's IP address as the client's IP address. So when you login and the tracker tries to connect to your client to see if you are NAT/firewalled it will actually try to connect to the proxy on the port your client reports to be using for incoming connections. Naturally the proxy will not be listening on that port, the connection will fail and the tracker will think you are NAT/firewalled.


Can I bypass my ISP's proxy?

If your ISP only allows HTTP traffic through port 80 or blocks the usual proxy ports then you would need to use something like socks and that is outside the scope of this FAQ.

The site accepts connections on port 81 besides the usual 80, and using them may be enough to fool some proxies. So the first thing to try should be connecting to http://www.Pornbits.org:81. Note that even if this works your bt client will still try to connect to port 80 unless you edit the announce url in the .torrent file.

Otherwise you may try the following:

Notice that now you will be doing all your browsing through a public proxy, which are typically quite slow. Communications between peers do not use port 80 so their speed will not be affected by this, and should be better than when you were "unconnectable".


How do I make my Bit-torrent client use a proxy?

First, check your client's settings/preferences and see if there is any way to configure the proxy through there. Every client is different so there is no way we are able to give you simple step-by-step instructions.

If you are not able to find these settings, just configure your operating system as above. When you configure a proxy for Internet Explorer you're actually configuring a proxy for all HTTP traffic (thank Microsoft and their "IE as part of the OS" policy ). On the other hand if you use another browser (Opera/Mozilla/Firefox) and configure a proxy there you'll be configuring a proxy just for that browser.


Why can't I signup from behind a proxy?

It is our policy not to allow new accounts to be opened from behind a proxy.


Does this apply to other torrent sites?

This section was written for Pornbits, a closed, port 80-81 tracker. Other trackers may be open or closed, and many listen on e.g. ports 6868 or 6969. The above does not necessarily apply to other trackers.


Why can't I connect? Is the site blocking me?

Your failure to connect may be due to several reasons.

Maybe my address is blacklisted?

The site blocks addresses listed in the (former) PeerGuardian database, as well as addresses of banned users. This works at Apache/PHP level, it's just a script that blocks logins from those addresses. It should not stop you from reaching the site. In particular it does not block lower level protocols, you should be able to ping/traceroute the server even if your address is blacklisted. If you cannot then the reason for the problem lies elsewhere.

If somehow your address is indeed blocked in the PG database do not contact us about it, it is not our policy to open ad hoc exceptions. You should clear your IP with the database maintainers instead.


Your ISP blocks the site's address

(In the first place, it's unlikely your ISP is doing so. DNS name resolution and/or network problems are the usual culprits.)

There's nothing we can do. You should contact your ISP (or get a new one). Note that you can still visit the site via a proxy, follow the instructions in the relevant section. In this case it doesn't matter if the proxy is anonymous or not, or which port it listens to.

Notice that you will always be listed as an "unconnectable" client because the tracker will be unable to check that you're capable of accepting incoming connections.


What if I can't find the answer to my problem here?

Post in the Forums, by all means. You'll find it is usually a friendly and helpful place, provided you follow a few basic guidelines: